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Monday, 12 November 2012
In recent days it's not uncommon to find me loaded down with brochures and samples to help with our renovation so as I direct result of that I've found myself drawn to using the small hands free bags I own. Oh to truly have my hands free seems almost a distant memory but I can dream.

Diane Von Furstenberg Parker with short strap

The Diane Von Furstenberg Parker mini bag is everything I crave right now, inspired by a vintage binoculars case Parker is on the small side but is more than capable of carrying your daily essentials. Parker also has two options for straps, the leather strap to match the bag is the shorter of the two options, the second strap is a long chain strap that allows you to wear the Parker across the body. Taking into account the dual straps and petite size and add in that it's 100% leather it all add's up to one perfect little bag, and when I tell you the price is £188 you might just love it a little bit more.

Diane Von Furstenberg Parker (rear) with chain strap


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