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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Do you have a favourite pair of heels?  I don't mean those special beauties that you've worn maybe once but you love them to death, I'm referring instead to those go-to shoes the ones you can shop all day in, the ones that you never need to think about "what do these go with?" The ones you are lost without.

I did. They were Gucci Guccissima black leather pumps with a pointed toe and there were so comfortable I think I wore them literally every day until I worn them out, I loved them so much I replaced them with an identical pair and unfortunately those have also been wore to death.

My third pair of perfect heels were also Gucci Guccissima, what is it about Gucci shoes that make them far more comfortable than many other designer shoes?  This pair were Grey with an almond toe, slightly less comfortable than their predecessors but these had a far taller heel and they looked perfect with everything.  Then just a few weeks ago as I walked down the street the heel snapped, I thought that only happened in the movies!

Now I'm thinking I should replace them and of course given my success with other Gucci shoes I wanted to see if I could re-buy them but they no longer have my original black or the newer grey shoes, they do however have something similar.

The closest shoes to my old favourites are called Elizabeth and it's a mid heeled Guccissima print shoe with an almond toe, the heel of the shoes have a cute gold interlocking horse bit detail, which is a similar feature on my Paloma's which I loved. Elizabeth comes in three colours, Pale Pink, Black or Maple Brown (without the embossed print) all pair's retail for £390.

I'm 50/50 on the black or pink, practicality says black they go with everything and black is always a classic but is it boring? The pink are so sweet and shake up convention a little but are they too cutesy?  What do think Pink or Black? Tell me about your favourite shoes. Have you ever bought duplicates just because you love them so much?


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