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Sunday, 10 March 2013
Yes it's that time again for another edition of "My Top 5" and since I've been doing this for a few weeks now I'm sure you know the drill, yesterday it was my Top 5 Bags from MFW today it's time for the footwear of fashion week. So without any further delay lets take a look at the best of the shows.

If you look back over the previous posts about footwear from fashion week you'll find that 70% of those chosen are boots rather than shoes since those are what featured predominantly on the runways, Milan has flipped that on it's head and out of the five items I have picked only one are boots.
Emilio Pucci Thigh High Boots Fall Winter 2013
The boots from Emilio Pucci at first glance threw me, I wasn't sure if they were leggings with a built in boot or some sort of trouser boot combo with a remarkable invisible join. The boots were so tall there seems no end insight, then I caught a glimpse of flesh and my questions were answered; the boots are in fact very high thigh high boots (try saying that three times!) these could be the perfect solution to wanting to wear dresses/skirts/shorts in colder months and not having to deal with tights. Of course since I don't have supermodel long legs so these boots would probably come up to my chin.
Fendi Metallic Multicolor T-Strap Pump with cut out heel Fall Winter 2013
The second pair of shoes I have picked come from Fendi, I picked them because I like the metallic hued colours and the cut out heel details I'm also getting a retro disco vibe from them which I'm not entirely hating.
My third favourite (and these are no particular order) are from Roberto Cavalli, you can't have a Cavalli without a little animal print thrown in there somewhere but these shoes take the trend for the metal toecap and the signature snake print and combine the two; add in a little chain detail and you have one sexy rock chick of a stiletto.
Roberto Cavalli Snakeskin print metal toecap pump with chain Fall Winter 2013
That leaves me with my last two choices both from Dolce and Gabbana but very very different in style. The first shoe features what appears to an inlaid wooden wedge with a gilded sole and purple velvet upper, with similar features appearing on so many Italian antiques these shoes wouldn't look out of place if you put them on a pedestal and kept them as a display piece.
Dolce and Gabbana Wooden Inlaid Wedge Shoe Fall Winter 2013
The last shoe is a glittering work of art as hundreds (possibly thousands) of tiny square sequins adorn the full shoe from heel to toe; Swarovski crystals add further embellishment to the golden pointed toe Mary-Jane style beauty.  Of all the shoes and boots that came before in this series I think these are my favourites, but I still have Paris to go.
Dolce and Gabbana Golden Mosaic Mary Jane Pump Fall Winter 2013
 There we have it, those are my top 5 from Milan do you agree?  What about my ultimate favourite or do you favour another?

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