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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ciate Chalkboard Manicure Nail Kit £25 Matt nail polish
I'm excited about this next post as although I don't often post about it I have as much of a nail polish addiction as I do shoes and bags. I have let the odd nail post sneak on to the blog and I really enjoy doing and discovering new nail art but there are far more talented artists out there than I; however, the next upcoming nail trend is so easy it can turn even a novice into an expert.

Ciate, the brand behind the caviar manicure have just launched their newest nail kit, The Chalkboard Manicure.
The Chalkboard manicure kit includes a matt black chalkboard polish base and a set of four chalk pens that allow to doodle all over your nails to create your ideal design, the best part is that if you make a mistake you can wash it right off with water.  Once you have perfected your design all you need to do is give it a matt top coat to seal the final product.

The Chalkboard Kit retails for £25 and at this time it is exclusive to Selfridges but will be available on a wider release a little later.

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